<b>Smart Automation Gas Level Monitoring with Gas Leakage Deduction and Refill Booking using Embedded System</b> The main aim of this project is to monitor forliquefied petroleum gas LPG leakage to avoid fireaccidents providing house safety feature where securityhas been an important issue. The most commonproblem experienced in our day to day lives that isregarding GAS leakage system. When it comes it tosafety of the surrounding as well as gas container wehave an MQ 5 gas sensor , which will detect the gasesby propane, butane, carbon monoxide ,smoke ,alcoholetc. The system detects the leakage of LPG using gassensor and When the system detects the LPGconcentration in the air exceeds the certain level then itimmediately takes action by automatically. Thus herewe are using the gas sensor which placed in the leakpoints, which senses the concentration value of gasessuch as propane ,butane ,smoke ,alcohol , carbon monooxideetc and when the concentration value exceeds thenormal value the leakage of gas is detected , and alertsystem used by buzzer and the automatically open thewindows prevent fire accidents. The gas sensor hasbeen used which has high sensitivity to gases likepropane and butane. When the concentration of LPG inair exceeds a certain level, the sensor senses the gasleakage and the output of the sensor goes LOW. Thedetection is done by the gas sensor, through themicro controller the LED and buzzer are turned ONsimultaneously. Using relay DC motor is automaticallyopen the windows. gas sensor M Q 5 , Micro controller , buzzer , LPG, Dc Motor , Relay. 1076-1079 Issue-6 Volume-1 Prof. M. Joe Marshell | S. Shanthini