<b>Impact of Residential Relocation on Livelihood of Slum Dwellers – A Case Study of Three Slums in Khammam Municipal Corporation</b> Andhra Pradesh is the second most slum populated state in the country as per Census 2011. It accounts for 34.4 percent of slum population to the total slum population of the country. Most of the slum dwellers live in unhygienic conditions with lack of basic facilities such as toilets, drainage etc. The study aims to develop the conceptual framework for enhancing livelihood of slum dwellers through enhancing capabilities and functions. The chosen study area is Khammam Municipal Corporation where 13 slums have been relocated to 3 different slums outside the city. Khammam, livelihood, slum, capability, function, relocation 770-781 Issue-6 Volume-1 Shweta Sharma | Thokala Leeyana Mouni