<b>Education and Modernization A Comparative Study of Two Villages of India </b> Contemporary education, which is an agent of modernization in various forms, is also of the Western origin. Modern education has a fundamentally different orientation and organization.The present study aims to measure the modernization among two groups of Adolescents one belonging to school going students and belongs to Non School going students. However, the study revealed that school going students differ significantly from their Non school going students counterparts on modernization level, as the school going students were found to be higher on the level of modernization and other components. Education and modernization are closely linked and as it is well fact that knows Education is the main instrument of change in all fields of life. In this paper the researcher has tried to highlight the role Education in enhancing modernization. Education, Modernization, school going students and Non School going students 43-48 Issue-6 Volume-5 Dr. Inderjeet Singh Bhatia