<b>Women Empowerment through SHGs A Case Study of Jalgaon District of Maharashtra</b> The status of women indicates the character of the country “said by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru”. Women empowerment is a process in which women challenge the existing norms and culture, to effectively promote their well being. The participation of women in self help groups SHG’s made a significant impact on their empowerment both in social and economical aspects. This study addresses women empowerment through self help groups in Jalgaon District of Maharashtra. The information required for the study has been collected from both the primary and secondary sources. A Random sampling method has been followed. Average and Percentage analysis was carried out to draw meaningful interpretation of the results. The results of the study revealed that the SHG’s have had greater impact on both economic and social aspects of the beneficiaries. 24-39 Issue-6 Volume-5 Arun Kumar Tripathy