<b>Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Girder for Bridges</b> Today bridge building has gained worldwide importance. Bridges are the key elements in every road network and the use of pre stressed girder bridges is becoming more and more popular in bridge construction due to their better stability, service friendliness, economy and durability, aesthetic and structural appearance. Typically reinforced concrete construction, steel construction or steel composite construction is used. In the case of high spans, reinforced concrete construction is uneconomical due to the larger span. , the cross section is used more efficiently than the reinforced concrete cross section. Pre stressed concrete is used for long span bridges with a span of more than 10 m. Conventionally, when calculating bridges, the superstructure and substructure are analyzed separately. The superstructure is usually a grid made up of main girders, transverse membranes and a deck slab. a grid of linear elements The columns of the main girders are anchored. The superstructure is examined according to IRC 62014 and according to IRC 182000 for unconsidered gravitational loads and moving vehicle loads. Reduction of the stress level and also of the deflection compared to the straight tendon profile. Post Tensioning, Moving Load Analysis, Tendons, Tendon Profile, Prestressed Concrete Girder MIDAS 56-63 Issue-6 Volume-5 Avinash Kumar Vidyarthi | Dr. P. K. Singhai | Rohit Sahu