<b>Performance Evolution of Modified Bituminous Concrete Mix Using Waste Plastic</b> Generally a bituminous mixture is a mixture of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, filler and binder. A Hot Mix Asphalt is a bituminous mixture where all constituents are mixed, placed and compacted at high temperature. HMA can be Dense Graded mixes DGM known as Bituminous Concrete BC . Bituminous mix is generally used as a surface course and wearing course in flexible pavements since it is necessary that the wearing course must provide a smooth riding surface that is dense and at the same time take up wear and tear due to traffic. The development of transportation plays an important role in the development of nation. With flexible pavements being widely used in India, steps must be taken to increase the life of the bituminous pavements. Flexible pavements are often plagued with problems of cracking and rutting due to repeated traffic loads. Hence one needs to address these problems in order to improve the performance of flexible pavements. bituminous, mixture, Graded, Concrete, Asphalt, flexible 52-55 Issue-6 Volume-5 Pankaj Singh | Dr. Rajeev Singh Parihar | Abhay Kumar Jha | Barun Kumar