<b>Bureaucracy and Citizen Journalism Issues and Challenges Imperative for Media Practice in Nigeria</b> Using the in depth interview research method, this study examines bureaucracy and citizen journalism by giving a cursory attention to the issues and challenges of the practice in Nigeria. A sample of 30 respondents who cut across the six geo political zones of the country was interviewed via online medium to give answers to the research objectives. Among the questions posed was to ascertain the influence of citizen journalism on professional media practice. Findings showed that bureaucracy is a constraint to efficient administration in media practice as well as altering the news content which has a damning effect on public interest. The study also discovered that adherence to bureaucracy in media practice can save the hot and exuberant reporter. Citizen journalism was also found to be unprocessed material, hence, unfit for public consumption. The study recommended the use of gate keeping in the practice of citizen journalism as well as adherence to rules and regulations. Gate Keeping, Check Points, Participatory Journalism, Co Production. I reporting 13-19 Issue-6 Volume-5 Raphael Abumchukwu Ekwunife | Helen Ijeoma Nwachukwu | Ikechukwu Ogeze Ukeje