<b>IOT based Garbage Management System</b> In our city many times the garbage at public places are overflowing. It creates unpleasant look for that place and spread smell which is harmful for people. To avoid all this situations we are going to implement a project called Garbage Management System using IOT technology Internet of Things . As the van coming to collect the Garbage the Massage will sent to All users of that particular Area. We are going to place a sensor Ultrasonic sensor under the dustbin van to detect the level of garbage. When the sensor signal reaches to 75 value a notification like message will be sent to respective Municipal authority person. So that person can send the second collection van to collect the garbage. IOT, Ultrasonic Sensor, System on Chip SOC 865-867 Issue-6 Volume-1 Priya Ajay Hande | Dr. D. V. Rojatkar