<b>A Review on Detection of Cracks Present in Composite Cantilever Beam by using Vibration Analysis Technique</b> The aim of this paper is to discuss various techniques used by various researchers for vibration based crack detection in cracked composite structures. In aeronautical, mechanical and civil engineering fields various structural systems are likely to damage and deterioration during their working period. So it is very important to find damage and deterioration in structural member by an effective and reliable methodology. Interest in various damage detection methods has considerably increased in last few decades. A local flexibility is introduced in structural member due to the presence of crack that would affect the vibration response of structure. Due to the presence of crack there is reduction in stiffness of structure and increase in damping of the structure. Since there are changes in physical properties there are reductions in natural frequencies and deviation in mode shapes. Therefore by measuring the vibration parameters it is possible to predict crack depth and crack location in structural member. In this paper effect of various parameters like crack depth, crack location on natural frequency of beam is studied.Presence of crack in a beam decreases the natural frequency which is more pronounced when the crack is near the fixed support and the crack depth is more. Vibration, Natural frequency, Crack depth, Crack location, Mode Shapes 743-749 Issue-6 Volume-1 Mr. Kadam Satish P | Dr. Kachare P.S.