<b>Improvement Kaizen Very High Fixture Set up Time on VMC Machine</b> Nowadays the automotive industry is facing various problems because of changing global scenario in terms of high quality expectation, reduced cost of production and increased productivity. All the companies are in the motive to solve these problems through the application of modern techniques. This project attempts to provide an effective solution for these problems through lean manufacturing techniques. The key objective of this project is to eliminate the wastes and cost of production and to increase the quality and productivity through shorter lead time and increased value added activities. This project deals with collection of the time taken for each processes and the bottleneck operations have been identified and a current state of value stream map was developed. The suggestions were made by identifying and implementing various improvements in processes, also to develop the future state value stream map for further improvements to achieve the objectives of this project. 591-597 Issue-6 Volume-1 Makarand Prabhakar Lehekar | Prof. Mangesh Urne | Prof. Mrs. Suvarna Pingle