<b>Effect of Contributing Parameters over Material Removal Rate in Machining Incoloy 825 using Electric Discharge Machining EDM </b> Manufacturers of modern era aim on improved quality at low cost. The production rate is one of the major contributors to the cost of the product which depends upon machining time. The work concentrates on obtaining the influential parameters for material removal rate and machining time based on input parameters such as current, Pulse on time and Pulse off time. It was encountered that feed was the most important contributed for material removal rate. The R squared value for Material Removal Rate is 96.55 and adjusted R squared is 94.48 . Quality, Production Rate, Material Removal Rate and Machining Time 821-824 Issue-6 Volume-1 Vigneshwaran N.K. | Vishnu Prabhu S | Vignesh Kumar S | Ricordey Arumaidoss F