<b>The Assessment of Effects of Migration and Remittances on Nigerian Economy</b> The study focuses on the examination of the influence of migration and remittances on Nigerian economy over the years. The authors reviewed and examined the positive and negative effects of migration in Nigeria. Expository approach involving tables were employed in the examination. The study confirmed the fact that there are positive and negative effects of migration in Nigeria but asserted that the negative effects outweigh the positive in view of the large proportion of Nigerian quality human capital outside Nigeria and also the large proportion of migrants in Nigeria who also remit a large proportion of their income to their home economies. It was also inferred from the study that if adequate working condition and environment exist and Nigerians migrants return, their contribution would have greater effect on the economy than mere remittances. On this basis the authors made the following recommendations among others revamping both the rural and urban environment, restructuring social amenities upgrading and maintenance of infrastructural requirement of the society insecurity and frequent crisis such as group agitations, religious disharmony, crimes, Boko Haram insurgence among others must be addressed condition of service for all categories of workers at the local, state and federal levels need to be urgently harmonized good atmosphere for operation cum the materials required by the academics, doctors, nurses, lawyers, architects, economists among others must be provided to enable them put in their best. Assessment, effects, economy, migration, remittances 525-536 Issue-6 Volume-1 Ogwuru, H. O. R, | Uma, K. E,