<b>The GST and Economic Growth</b> GST also known as the Goods and Services Tax is defined as the giant indirect tax structure designed to support and enhance the economic growth of a country. To make India as a financial super power, the introduction of GST is must. There are much apprehension relating to proposed GST regime regarding the growth in Indian Economy and its effects thereof. As we know in India economy, destination based taxation requires high compliance cost and efficient administration. This paper examines the impact of goods and services tax GST on economic growth India. Only a registered person can charge and collect GST on the taxable supplies of goods and services made by him. GST is charged on the value or selling price of the products. The amount of GST incurred on input input tax can be deducted from the amount of GST charged output tax by the registered person. indian economy, GST, goods and service tax 761-764 Issue-6 Volume-1 Dr. Arun Kumar Mishra