<b>Review of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Paralysis</b> Paralysis is a complete loss of motor power in any muscle group. When paralysis affects all four extremities, it is called quadriplegia when it affects only the lower extremities, paraplegia and when it affects the extremities on one side of the body, hemiplegic. For this reason, the term paralysis is generally reserved for more focal, less stereotyped weakness, for instance, affecting all the muscles innervated by a peripheral nerve. Many different anatomical lesions and etiologies can cause paralysis and determine its treatment. Andersen Tawil syndrome acetazolamide channelopathies dichlorphenamide periodic paralyses review treatment 1480-1483 Issue-5 Volume-5 Bikash Debsingha | Dr. Gaurav Kumar Sharma | Dr. Kausal Kishore Chandrul