<b>Novel Drug Delivery System An Overview</b> In present scenario evolution of an existing drug molecule from a old form to a novel delivery system can significantly improve its performance in terms of patient compliance, safety and efficacy. In the form of a control drug delivery system an existing drug molecule can get a new life. An appropriately designed Novel Drug Delivery System can be a major advance for solving the problems related towards the release of the drug at specific site with specific rate. The porpuse for delivering drugs to patients efficiently and with fewer side effects has prompted pharmaceutical companies to engage in the development of new drug delivery system. This article covers the basic information regarding Novel Drug Delivery Systems and also advantages, factor etc. Novel Drug Delivary System, advantages, factors influencing NDDS 1357-1359 Issue-5 Volume-5 Chiranjit Barman | Dr. Gaurav Kumar Sharma | Dr. Kausal Kishore Chandrul