<b>Survey on Safety of Cosmetics Cosmetovigilance</b> The phrase pharmacovigilance refers to the tasks of collecting, detecting, evaluating, monitoring, and preventing adverse drug reactions. The term vigilance has recently been expanded to include the safety of herbal and cosmetic items. The word cosmetovigilance was coined to describe industry wide surveillance to address the safety of cosmetic products. A cosmetic is any preparation applied to the skin, eyes, lips, hair, or nails for the purposes of cleansing, enhancing appearance, providing a pleasant scent, or providing protection. Despite the fact that cosmetics are mostly diffused compounds applied topically to wash, scent, or improve appearance, the number of documented adverse reactions is extremely low, because to underreporting. Cosmetovigilance allows us to rule out or regulate potentially harmful substances, putting our minds at ease about the items we buy. The goal of the study was to determine the prevalence and characteristics of adverse cosmetic events ACEs reported, through survey. Adverse cosmetics reactions, cosmetovigilance, cosmetics safety, surveillance 745-748 Issue-6 Volume-5 Aarti Sati | Vidhi Bidaliya | Shivani Bagwan