<b>Personality and Anxiety Level of School Teachers</b> The Present study aim at to search the Personality factors and anxiety among Male and Female 25 35 and 36 46 school teachers. Personality factors are influence on the teaching performance. However the anxiety levels which create the hindrance in the progress of male and female school teachers .The researcher intended to evaluate the anxiety level and its impact on the teaching performance.The present study followed the procedure of experimental research. The investigation gathered relevant information by conduct of a test of Eysenek personality test and SCAT Sinha’s Comprehensive Anxiety Test test of anxiety. The sample of the study comprises as under Effective sample consisted of 130 of Male and Female school teacher’s from Indore district in Madhya Pradesh. Anxiety Attitudes toward aging The Big Five Individual differences Personality traits 52-55 Issue-5 Volume-5 Dr. Inderjeet Singh Bhatia | Dr. Reena Patil