<b>Ayurvedic Conservative Management of External Thrombosed Haemorrhoids A Case Study</b> Haemorrhoids i.e Piles or Arshas are nothing but the dilated, swollen and inflamed vein tissues present as a lump of mass of various sizes in and around the anus. It is a lifestyle disorder too, affected by advancement changes in the way people live in day to day life particularly sedentary lifestyle, Lacks of adequate physical activities, less work outs, straining during defaecation due to constipation, stress, addictions like Smoking, alcohol consumption are the main causes or factors responsible to cause this disease.As per Maharshi Sushruta, vitiated vatadosha localizesin guda vali and vitiates twak, mansa, meda and rakta resulting in strotodushti of annavahastrotasa. The chief management portfolio of arsha or piles according toayurveda includes Aushadhichikitsa, Kshar karma, Agnikarma, and Shastra karma. And on the counterpart, modern management includes chiefly Surgical interventions but the result was found to be less satisfactorily with much recurrences. That is why in this case study an humble effort made here to manage external thrombosed piles by fully ayurvedic conservative approach. Haemorrhoids, Arsha,Aushadhichikitsa, Shastra karma, gudavali 32-35 Issue-5 Volume-5 Dr. Miteshkumar D. Gujrathi | Dr. Sheshraj A. Mote | Dr. Sumedh V. Wasnik | Dr. Tushar H. Shelar | Dr. Sanjeev N. Rathod