<b>Planning of Plagiarism in Research and Safety Measurements and Eradication Methodologies</b> This paper presents a Planning of Plagiarism in Research and safety measure and eradication methods in this paper a study that is complete presented on plagiarism like what is plagiarism to how to avoid plagiarism and few types of plagiarism and Common feature of different detection systems are described. Plagiarism is now a day’s problem that is growing plagiarism is very savior problem know a day. Usually defined as literary theft and dishonesty that is academic the literature, and it s really has got to be prevented and stick with the moral principles. Plagiarism is nothing but a misconduct that is academic which we represent someone else s words or ideas as our own word or format. And this habit is going too attached to us from our college projects and I completely agree to this to keep a plagiarism checker to college projects also to under graduate students and post graduate students also. It’s very essential. And plagiarism in other words plagiarizes other sorts of expression someone else s code, mathematical expressions, artistic works, technical designs etc. The detection of plagiarism is that the process of finding an work that is original specific work those sections which are taken from other sources without the acceptable references being made. Generally Plagiarism can occur in any type of document, not especially in academic works, since it is also found in the Press, in post and graduation thesis, in the line of code used in computer software or application programs, in designing, etc. There are number of types of plagiarism and everyone is serious violations of educational honesty. Being a problem that is growing plagiarism is present and it is usually defined as “knowledge theft or staling” and “academic dishonesty” in the literature, and it s really has got to be well informed on this subject to prevent the matter and stick with the moral principles. Planning and policy of plagiarism, precaution and elimination of plagiarism, Detection of plagiarism and Plagiarism, Anti Plagiarism 46-51 Issue-5 Volume-5 Prof. Annasaheb M. Chougule | Prof. Dr. B. J. Mohite