<b>Computational Investigation on the Effect of Fences on Aerodynamic Characteristics of an Aircraft Wing</b> A computational study, to improve the stall characteristics of wing at high angles of attack, with and without fence configuration is done here. Wing fences, also known as boundary layer fences and potential fences are fixed aerodynamic devices attached to aircraft in the exactly middle of the span and two fences are fixed in the exactly middle of the wing span and two fences are fixed at 25 percentage of wing span from their corresponding wing tip. The main aim of this research is to improve the lift and stalling angle. A rectangular wing with different angles of attack is used. Modeling was done in CATIA V5 R20 and meshing and analyzing was taken in ANSYS workbench and CFX. Then the graph is drawn for CL and CD for various angles of attack and various models. Stall, Lift, Fence and Configuration 1605-1610 Issue-4 Volume-5 Mohamed Hamdan. A