<b>Prevention of Post Operative Complications among Orthopaedic Patients with External Fixators</b> External fixation is a surgical treatment used to bone fractures in which a plaster cast would not permit suitable alignment of the fracture. This type of reduction, holes is drilled into uninjured region of bones around the fracture and special bolts or wires are screwed into the holes. Outside the body, a rod or a curved piece of metal with special ball and socket joints the bolts to make a rigid support. External fixation offers several advantages over other fixation methods but has its complications, the most common being pin site infection Hence the researcher had taken up a pre experimental one group pre test post test research study to evaluate the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding prevention of post operative complications among orthopedic patients with external fixators in J.K. Hospitals at Bhopal. Orthopaedic Patient, Prevention of Post Operative Complication with External Fixators, Knowledge 1617-1619 Issue-4 Volume-5 Afjal Khan