<b>Damage Assessment System for Aircraft Structural Defects using Wavelet Transform</b> Defects are often arises on the inner surface of aircraft structures, but most of conventional techniques can determine only the damages and cannot determine the degree of damage. Digital Image Processing and Wavelet Transform are used in this project. Characteristics parameters such as the length of the crack can be exactly detected to measure the faults of aircraft structure. Generally failures of different aircraft components and parts are revealed and examined by the use of non destructive examination methods. In further detailed explanation and interpretation of failures optical and scanning electron microscopy are used. This paper presents a new approach in automation for crack detection on pavement surface images. The method is based on the continuous wavelet transform. Then, wavelet coefficients maximal values are searched and their propagation through scales is analyzed. Finally, a post processing gives a binary image which indicates the presence or not of cracks on the pavement surface image. Digital Image Processing, Wavelet, scanning electron microscopy 1525-1527 Issue-4 Volume-5 V. Akilan | S. Rajkumar