<b>Study on Seepage Control in Canal System</b> Water is the most vital input in agriculture that has highly significant contributions in providing stability to food grain production and food self sufficiency as well as food security in India. This resource can be optimally used and sustained for future generations only when quantity of water is assessed very well. In the present study, the seepage losses that are the major losses through the canal conveyance system were quantified. Seepage loss in irrigation water conveyance system is very significant, as it forms the major portion of the water loss in the irrigation system. One of the main problem that meet the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources is that about 80 is lost from its total length passing through soil. The quantity of seepage to surrounding area varies from section to other. The seepage losses affect the water surface profiles, slops, discharge, and water level. Various methods are used to estimate the canal seepage rate. Seepage Control, Tunnel face, stability, Underwater tunnel, Failure mechanism, Sand, Canal System 149-153 Issue-2 Volume-1 Niasi K. A.