<b>Reporting a Giant Diaphyseal Nutrient Foramen in a Dried Right Femur</b> Nutrient foramen convey the vascular supply to the long bones. Anomalies in the morphology of nutrient foramen is crucial in understanding bone pathologies and operative procedures. Though extensive research has been done on the morphology and morphometry of normal nutrient foramina, literature was scanty on the abnormal nutrient foramen on femur. The present study reports a giant diaphyseal nutrient foramen encountered in a dried right femur. On routine observation of dried femora from the department of anatomy, one right sided femur exhibited an abnormal nutrient foramen in the shaft over the linea aspera. It measured 4.2 x 1.3 cms. The foramen was continued as a canal on the exterior of the bone near the upper end of linea aspera. The foramen proper had a radius of 1.4cms. Photographs were taken. All other foramina were found to be normal. The nutrient artery might be enlarged enormously while passing through this foramen converting it into a canal on the exterior itself. Understanding such anomalies is essential in dealing with conditions like micro vascular bone graft or internal fixation or fracture healing or non union or malunion as these are dependant on proper blood supply to the bone. The abnormal nutrient foramen may cause disturbances in the blood flow. The present study reports a rare anomaly of nutrient foramen over the linea aspera of a right sided femur. Giant nutrient foramen, femur, linea aspera, diaphysis 1513-1514 Issue-4 Volume-5 Dr. Neelima. P | Dr. Ravi Sunder