<b>Modern Methods for Obtaining Silicon Nitride Powders</b> The article presents the prospect of using materials based on silicon nitride in various fields of technology and a comparative analysis of the cost of raw materials for the production of tungsten hard alloys, tool materials based on silicon nitride, as well as a literature review of modern methods for producing silicon nitride powders and their properties. It is shown that at present the main methods of obtaining silicon nitride powders are self propagating high temperature synthesis SHS . Material, technology, method, synthesis, ceramics, self propagating high temperature synthesis of synthesis oxides, carbides, silicon nitride, tungsten carbide, method, synthesis, powder, grinding, adiabatic temperature, azite technologies, combustion wave front, Carbothermal reduction, gas phase synthesis, imide 5-8 Innovative Development on Academic Research and Development during Covid 19 Special Issue M. A. Juraeva | Sh. A. Karimov | Sh. M. Shakirov