<b>E commerce Application Based on Farming Products</b> In this project, we present an e commerce application AgroGrow for farming products. In today’s day to day life purchasing of products by visiting stores has become a troublesome job. As a standing in a queue for making the payment of the product has become difficult for customers. The most important advantage of e commerce over traditional commerce is that the buyer can browse online shops over internet, can compare ratesand order whatever they like sittingon their PC. Unlike traditional commerce which is carried out physically which consistsman powerand get products, electronic commerce has made it far easier for person to reduce physical work and to save time. To reduce these difficulties of traditional commerce, we are coming up with AgroGrow. AgroGrow is an e commerce application which helps to choose a wide range of farming products through your smartphone rather than visiting the outlets. It is developed using flutter which is a User Interface toolkit for creating fast, attractive, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop with single programming language and single codebase. E Commerce, Flutter, UI Toolkit 55-58 International Conference on Advances in Engineering, Science and Technology – 2021 Special Issue Anushka Agarwal | Aarohi Garg | Abhishek Saini