<b>Adaptive and Personalized Fitness App</b> Project delivery is a robust application called the ADAPTATION and PERSONALIZED FITNESS APP. which will provide three main modules for users to use. First, users can do exercise wherever they like by using the Exercise section where it contains different types of exercises and exercises that can help them and help them live a healthier life.However, a healthy lifestyle cannot be done entirely with exercise because the role of diet is also very important. Users will be able to keep track of what they have eaten and eat the right foods by looking at the statistics related to their bodies in the diet category. Finally, users can do yoga at home.Basically, all of the above activities are intended to help users stay away from serious illnesses so that they can enjoy a healthier life with their loved ones. For a clearer picture of fitness apps, there is a fitness app updated for this project which is Runtastic Running and Fitness. Therefore, the life cycle model of repetition and multiplication is adopted in this project in order to determine the feasibility. Few needs cycles, design and implementation phases will pass while other features will be added to the application up to the project. Health, Fitness, diet and lifestyle 18-21 International Conference on Advances in Engineering, Science and Technology – 2021 Special Issue Mayank Sharma Dixit | Mohammad Shad | Arman Tyagi | Abdul Qadir | Mr. Dev Baloni