<b>Development of 3D Website Along with VFX and Animation</b> This paper focuses on the development of 3D web application by designing dynamic 3D model with the help of VFX and animation. 3D Modeling can create the static exposure of product but VFX and animation adds dynamic effects for real time rendering of product. Real time rendering and interactive roaming gives a detailed view of the 3D objects created. Firstly, Blender software was used to design a raw 3D model of a swiss knife and, VFX and animation were applied to add dynamics and interactive features to this model. Verge3D online application was used to define functions that HTML can perform on different parts of the model designed. Lastly, Google web designer was employed to develop an HTML page where we have placed HTML embedded 3D model retrieved from Verge3D. In addition to this, different buttons were placed and linked in the website to allow user to perform different functions defined in Verge3D. 13-17 International Conference on Advances in Engineering, Science and Technology – 2021 Special Issue Surya Prakash Uniyal | Shivam Amoli | Vipul Kumar Singh | Prashant Chaudhary