<b>Covid 19 Prediction in India using Machine Learning</b> Various computational models are used around the world to predict the number of infected individuals and the death rate of the COVID 19 outbreak 3 . Machine learning based models are important to take proper actions. Due to the ample of uncertainty and crucial data, the aerodynamic models have been challenged regarding higher accuracy for long term prediction of this disease 1 . By researching the COVID19 problem, it is observed that lockdown and isolation are important techniques for preventing the spread of COVID 19 2 . In India, public health and the economical condition are impacted by COVID 19, our goal is to visualize the spread of this disease 5 . Machine Learning Algorithms are used in various applications for detecting adverse risk factors. Three ML algorithms we are using that is Logistic Regression LR , Support Vector Machine SVM , and Random Forest Classifier RFC . These machine learning models are predicting the total number of recovered patients as per the date of each state in India 8 . Data Analysis and Visualization, Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine, Random Forest Classifier 8-12 International Conference on Advances in Engineering, Science and Technology – 2021 Special Issue Sarfraj Alam | Vipul Kumar | Sweta Singh | Sweta Joshi | Madhu Kirola