<b>Brain Tumor Detection using MRI Images</b> Brain tumor segmentation is a very important task in medical image processing. Early diagnosis of brain tumors plays a crucial role in improving treatment possibilities and increases the survival rate of the patients. For the study of tumor detection and segmentation, MRI Images are very useful in recent years. One of the foremost crucial tasks in any brain tumor detection system is that the detachment of abnormal tissues from normal brain tissues. Because of MRI Images, we will detect the brain tumor. Detection of unusual growth of tissues and blocks of blood within the system is seen in an MRI Imaging. Brain tumor detection using MRI images may be a challenging task due to the brain s complex structure.In this paper, we propose an image segmentation method to detect tumors from MRI images using an interface of GUI in MATLAB. The method of distinguishing brain tumors through MRI images is often sorted into four sections of image processing as pre processing, feature extraction, image segmentation, and image classification. During this paper, we ve used various algorithms for the partial fulfillment of the necessities to hit the simplest results that may help us to detect brain tumors within the early stage. image processing deep learning brain tumor segmentation MRI 1-4 International Conference on Advances in Engineering, Science and Technology – 2021 Special Issue Deepa Dangwal | Aditya Nautiyal | Dakshita Adhikari | Kapil Joshi