<b>A Conceptual Analysis on How COVID 19 Has an Adverse Effect on Online Education towards College Students in the Indian Scenario</b> As we continue living in the 21st century there are extreme changes which are taking place in our country which has been evolved and molded in such a manner there has been quick changes which are experienced in our learning system where education institutes were closed to aide covid 19 virus disease where the government has been encouraging online education to achieve academic and to set the theoretical continuity. Most high ended public and private institutions have replaced classroom based education smoothly by using online platforms such as zoom, google meet, Microsoft team, google classroom etc. This study is based on the problems faced by students and educators as a result of online education. It studies whether online education is a boon or a bane. It highlights the good, bad, ugly faces of online education and its impact and consequences on the students. It also shows whether online education will exist in the long run in future or whether the traditional method of learning in classroom will continue or not. This is a qualitative study focused on the students in the age group of 16 to 35 years and the data will be collected through primary and secondary sources. Online education, college students, India, Covid 19, Online learning, Pros and Cons 949-952 Issue-4 Volume-5 Surabhi Chandrashekar | Amita Venkatesh