<b>A Case Study on Hospital Acquired Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia</b> Stenotrophomonas maltophilia xanthomonas is a multidrug – resistant, aerobic non fermentative negative bacillus that is an opportunistic pathogen, particularly a common coloniser of the respiratory tract in hospitalised patients. This hospital acquired organism emerged as an important nosocomial pathogen associated with high mortality rates. This case study is based on an elderly patient diagnosed with Type 2 Respiratory Failure, who was on mechanical ventilation and had multiple organisms found in ET minibal. The patient was treated with beta lactams, macrolide, carbapenem, antifungal and fluoroquinolone. The patient was then found to be hemodynamically and clinically stable. Nosocomial, Tracheostomy, Atelectasis, Mediastinal Pneumothorax, Nystagmus, ET minibal 31-33 Issue-4 Volume-5 Dr. Blessy Rachal Boban | Dr. Sheethal R Johnson