<b>Green Building Materials and Methods An Overview</b> Green Building involves using a variety of different approaches and materials to make a structure that is healthy for the occupants, for the local area and globally. But there are two basic subcategories with location and Materials. Site location is one of the most important single factors. For millennia people have known that location can make all the difference in the world for comfort. Here are just a few examples. Green Building, Different building Materials, Locations, Occupants, Healthy Environment 25-27 Issue-4 Volume-5 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Lalji | Dr. Ashish Dongre | Sourabh Tiwari | Dr. A. K. Tuli | Rajendra Rusia | Himanshu Tiwari | Ashish Tiwari | Sukhlal Sangule | Gaurav Lalji | Divya Lalji | Arvind Jain | AR. Sandhya Ekbote