<b>Experimental Study on Performance of Metakaolin in Pervious Concrete</b> Lately, part of examination center around growing new Supplementary cementitious material to fortifying the solid. These materials are utilized as a piece of concretes. Metakaolin is one of the beneficial cementitious materials which are part of the way traded for concrete. Properties of cement with metakaolin are generally favored added substances in concrete. Pervious cement is an uncommon kind of cement with a high porosity utilized for solid flatwork applications that permits water from precipitation and different sources to go straightforwardly through, in this manner diminishing the spillover from a site and permitting groundwater re energize. It likewise called as Porous concrete, Permeable concrete, No fines concrete and Porous asphalt. Pervious cement is generally utilized in stopping zones, territories with light traffic, Residential roads, Pedestrian walkways and nurseries. It is a significant application for manageable development. Metakaolin will be added at various rates or percentages such as 1 ,1.5 ,2 ,2.5 by the heaviness of concrete. To make concrete cubes and cylinders at every percent. The effect of metakaolin at various percents in pervious concrete will be finding by conducting compression test. Metakaolin, Porous Concrete or Pervious Concrete, Compresstion Strength, Split Tensile Strength 1-4 Issue-4 Volume-5 A. Thomas Eucharist | K. Viswanathan