<b>Emerging Trends of Remote Learning in the Higher Education Challenges and Opportunities after COVID 19 Situation</b> The COVID 19 pandemic has not only affected higher education on a global scale, but it has also brought numerous challenges to the higher education community. Remote learning refers to situations where learners and lecturers or information sources, separated by time and distance, and therefore cannot meet their needs in a traditional classroom environment. It can encompass a wide variety of learning opportunities. This could include exploring the natural world, activities to support students’ local communities with appropriate social distancing , and engaging in hands on projects and artistic creations that stem from students’ passions and experiences. The purpose of the study is to emphasize the benefits and impact of remote learning on higher education. The research method of this study used the second hand data listed in different databases of books, research papers and related articles on remote learning and higher education on the Internet. The research results of the paper show that higher education in India lacks challenges in terms of declining institutional income and national budget cuts, deterioration of financial conditions among students, quality problems of remote learning, and inefficient credit transfers. The study also reports on various opportunities for higher education. Researchers have found that remote learning can help promote flexible schedules. Learn important skills enhance technical knowledge a safer and more accessible environment a world full of possibilities walk your own way and build long remote friendships. Higher education institutions need to improve their quality and reputation. Colleges and universities should have good infrastructure to attract students. The government must promote cooperation between Indian higher education institutions and top international institutions. It can also establish links between national research laboratories and research centers of top institutions to improve quality and conduct collaborative research. COVID 19 pandemic, remote learning, higher education, challenges, opportunities 16-22 Issue-4 Volume-5 Mrs. Ani Smriti | Mr. Rajesh Kumar