<b>Application of Savings and Loan Cooperative Services</b> Information technology knowledge has become a necessity. Most of a person s daily activities involve the assistance of information technology, both teaching and learning activities, working in institutions and entrepreneurship. In addition, knowledge of information technology is a person s main asset to be able to compete in the digital era. A cooperative is an institution that runs on the principle of kinship. So that in carrying out its activities prioritizing the welfare of its members and aiming to increase the economic growth of the community. The goal to be achieved in this community service activity is to produce an android based system of savings and loan cooperative service that is able to facilitate the delivery of information from management to members in real time and can provide solutions for speed, accuracy and accuracy. The method used in this research and development research uses the waterfall model, which is a process or steps to develop a new product or improve an existing product. The system analysis was carried out with the initial stages of the research method, the communication stage was carried out by the interview and observation process. The observation process is carried out by making direct observations to get an overview and the interview process is carried out by conducting questions and answers to match the data and information. After designing the next step is build an android system based of savings and loan cooperative service. Android Cooperative Information 1011-1014 Issue-3 Volume-5 Dimas Indra Laksmana | Maranatha Wijayaningtyas | Kiswandono