<b>Development and Characterization of Cardanol Based Polymer Reinforced Fibre Bicomposites</b> The emerging quest for optimal use of naturally obtained resources through advanced technigues and products has escalated research and exploration of naturally oriented renewable materials. In present investigation, cardanol, obtained from cashew nut shell liquid CNSL , was utilized as base material for a thermosetting polymer TP development. Furthermore, rice husks flour RHF was utilized as reinforcement for the TP. The fabricated biocomposite was characterized for microstructure, thermal behavior and biodegradability. Results from DSC and TG analysis revealed that the sample filled with 5 wt. NaOH modified RHF demonstrated most superior thermal stability, and tensile strength. Moreover, results from FESEM revealed uniform dispersion, and bonding to polymer matrix. Enhanced biodegradability was realized from NaOH modified RHF filled biocomposite post 90 days of monitored soil tests. Therefore, the cardanol obtained TP and biocomposites demonstrated good prospects for application in the electronics, automotive and furniture industry. Cardanol obtained plastic thermoseeting polymer bio fiber biodegradability biocomposites 895-904 Issue-3 Volume-5 Iheoma Chigoziri Nwuzor | Jeremiah Lekwuwa Chukwuneke | Chinomso Macanthony Ewulonu | Paul Chukwulozie Okolie