<b>Manless Advanced Shopping with Smart Cart</b> The system is popularity of QR code grows swiftly with the growth of smart phone. A smart trolley used for shopping at the supermarkets remedying the difficulties like waiting in large queues at the payment counter. The system is developed for smart shopping to avoid traffic congestion, long queues with the help of QR technique. Also by using this system, time will be saved. The users has a gift card with QR code mounted on it which will be scanned through the mobile after detecting QR code and verifying the credentials of the user, balance from the customer’s account will get deducted. The customer or the user if enable to pay amount, the determine gate will not open. At the same time, the customer or the user can only enter the store for shopping if they scan their individual QR code. The stock about the particular product will get notified to the owner in order to refill it. The sensor in the trolley will sum the price of all products. The amount is displayed in the trolley as well as in the cart of the app. It focuses on the concepts of quick service and advanced consumer technology. It is a most man less advanced shopping with smart technology. Arduino, RFID reader, RFID tag, Node MCU 767-770 Issue-3 Volume-5 M. Narasimman | M. Lavanya | M. Nandhini | S. Nandhini