<b>Exploring Molecular Targets for Repositioning of Hypertensive Drugs</b> Drug repositioning or drug repurposing or drug profiling is the discovery of new applications for approved or failed drug.. Drug repositioning is the development of new approved drug applications. The cost of bringing a medicine to the market is around one million which include clinical and preclinical trials. Repositioning of drugs help in cutting down costs as well as time involve in intial validation and authorization. The procedure involved in Drug repositioning is generally performed during the drug development phase to modify or extend an active molecule s distribution line. On a fundamental level, repositioning opportunities exist because drugs perturb multiple biological entities and engage themselves in multiple biological processes. Therefore, a drug can play multiple roles or perform a various mode of actions that are responsible for its pharmacology. Hypertension, is a condition that causes increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In this study an attempt has been made to reposition hypertensive drugs for different diseases by exploring molecular targets of hypertensive drugs. Consider that they often need to be administered for long periods of time, often over whole life time Side effects although present, have been found safe enough to be used for such long durations, hence repurposing these drugs for other diseases may be beneficial with limited side effects. HCQ, hypertension, cancer 635-640 Issue-3 Volume-5 Bhawna Singh | Asmita Das