<b>Role of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in Development of Social Work</b> The depleting fossil fuels and environmental concerns are paving the way for the development of renewable energy sources for power generation. The generation of electricity through solar photovoltaic PV is one of the best ways to increase energy security and address environmental concerns. Various remote areas in developing countries like India lack access to electricity at houses, community health and education facilities. Electricity generation by using stand alone solar PV systems make the electrification of isolated areas possible. The maturation of PV technology and reduction in the cost of PV modules have made the availability and use PV more profound. Solar PV generated power can be used for lighting purpose water pumping application for meeting the domestic and irrigation water demand flour milling vaccine refrigeration at health centers running communication devices like radio and television sets which help in linking rural people to the urban centers, etc. This paper presents the role of solar photovoltaic power in sustainable development of communities especially in rural areas. Photovoltaic, Stand Alone, Electrification, Power, PV Modules 746-749 Issue-3 Volume-5 Vijay Aithekar | Dr. Sheenu Bhadauria