<b>Effects of Covid 19 Pandemic on International Financial Management</b> The COVID 19 pandemic and the oil crisis have caused the constant depreciation of the currency in emerging countries to accelerate cause instability in the global financial market. Prices of risk assets have dropped harshly ever since the pandemic’s eruption. However, COVID 19 measures have brought about some positive effects on stakeholders of international financial management. Central banks will remain crucial to safeguarding the stability of global financial markets and maintaining the flow of credit to the economy. Financial, monetary, and fiscal policies should aim to reduce the impact of the coronavirus COVID 19 and ensure a stable, sustainable recovery once the epidemic is controlled. Ongoing international coordination will be essential to support vulnerable countries, restore market confidence, and reduce financial stability risks. pandemic, coronavirus, economic stability risks, public health systems 321-323 Issue-3 Volume-5 Chi-Koffi Linda Christelle Yapo | Wang Weidong