<b>Customization of BMIDE at Customer End as per Business Requirement</b> In today‘s competitive environment most of the Information Technology Enabled Services ITES industries having large amount of product data in the scattered form as the industries become bigger and bigger. Manage the CAD Design data in an efficient way with existing infrastructure which can maintain the version of changes in the CAD data, also speedup the cross functional team to align the design updates. Currently Caresoft have 5000 parts in folder by end of this year it will be overall 15000 parts will be added up to 25000 parts approximately so to manage these data at various level of company need rigid solution on it, so PLM implementation arises. This project provides best industry practices at various levels like Creo data management, Document Management, Engineering process management, Provides security, Bill of Material management, Queries, Report generation Data relational management. Project also provides solution in structure manager, access manager, change management, workflow designer organization creation etc PDM Product Data Management , ERP Enterprise Resource Planning, PLM Product Life cycle Management , AMC Asset Management Company , BIW Body in White 44-49 Issue-3 Volume-5 Mr. Narangale Digvijay Dhondiram | Mr. Sayyad Shafik R