<b>Chinese Yuan and American Dollar Influence in The World Financial Benefit Conflicts</b> Economic war is one of the means of conflict throughout the history of mankind, and its concept developed through the development of the march of mankind, and the measures of this war defensive and offensive were used in it, and the international monetary system had also witnessed a development associated with global events, especially world wars and their results, and the US dollar was on the throne of this The system is one of the results of the Second World War, which had an important role in the development, development and modernization that happened to China since the seventies of the last century, especially with the presence of transcontinental companies, with the American vanguard, and because of the intertwining between the American and Chinese economies and the uncalculated results of the development of the economic conflict between them is difficult Where the current economic conflict has developed, especially in light of the US dollar’s leadership of the international monetary system and the inability of most of the world’s countries to abandon it in international economic and commercial transactions. The importance of this research comes from the fact that the nature of the US Chinese economic conflict, if it develops, may be a serious threat to various countries of the world, especially the global economic system. That the existence of this conflict and its development may lead to a threat to the economic life of many countries of the world. This research paper aims to study and to analysis of the nature of the US Chinese economic conflict, and that the alternative to this conflict is economic cooperation in a way that serves the development and progress of the various peoples of the earth. 13-15 Issue-3 Volume-5 Adnan Mnati Salih