<b>Business Students’ Self Perceived View of Their Competence of Performing Employability Skills in Their Future Careers</b> This research was conducted to study the self perceived level of competence at performing some basic skills needed by business students for managerial careers in business organisations. A total of 20 MBA students of select business school in Coimbatore, participated in this study from a target population of 60 business students. A convenient sampling technique was us due to a time constraint. This study employs an existing employability skills instrument to assess the above objective. The result of the study indicated that the respondents of MBA students have developed between moderate and major competence to serve as productive employees in the workplace “equally from program and non program.” It was concluded that the respondents are quite confident with their employability skills. Further research can be done to verify whether a business student’s self perception of his her competencies are same as those of their existing skill levels. self perceived, Competency, career 57-59 Issue-3 Volume-5 Paramesswari. N | V. C. Praveen Priyaa