<b>Dystocia Due to Multiple Craniofacial Fetal Anomalies in Nilotic Zebu Cattle and the Attached Traditional Beliefs A Case Report</b> This case report paper highlights on foetal calf anomaly observed for the first time in Nilotic Zebu cattle as well as the traditional beliefs of Nilotic pastoralists attached to such anomaly. Abull calf foetus extracted via caesarean operation, sustained complex of congenital abnormalities. Of which both central nervous system and craniofacial structures not easily classified and traced to a single specific condition. The gross craniofacial abnormalities suggest agnathia, fissured head extending from cranial to caudal, hydrocephalic head, anophthalmia, single microphthalmia lateralis without eyelid, single erected ear loop, a deep fissure almost halving the skull to the exposed maxillary and mandibular bones, absence of lips, and anodontia. Chicken was sacrificed by a traditional diviner meaning to drive away diseases and prevent recurrence of similar case in the herd and the related family members. Such cases can be easily attended to. Given the current status of veterinary practice in the country, but the deeply anchored traditional beliefs attached to livestock may hamper or burry such cases in favour of the traditional diviner with an untoward outcome thus contributing to loss of potential genetic resources. Adoption of vibrant sustainable extension policies is recommended to loosen such firmly anchored beliefs attached to livestock by pastoralist communities of South Sudan. Foetal anomaly, Nilotic pastoralist, dystocia, traditional beliefs 1022-1025 Issue-2 Volume-5 Ambrose S. Jubara | Erneo B. Ochi | Anthony J. Deng | Lewis K. Jaja