<b>Assessment of Students’ Achievement of Learning Outcomes by using Different Assessment Approaches</b> The present study was conducted on 1rtyear, radiological sciences students at Najran University to evaluate the achievement of undergraduate radiological sciences students in the CLOs assessment. Learning outcomes assessment for Introductory Physics 204 PHST 2 Year I at Department of Radiological sciences, Najran University was conducted by direct methods and compared the results of students’ achievement of the course learning outcomes by using different assessment approaches. The study was applied on30 students who enrolled in the course during academic year 2019 2020.Direct measurement was applied by linking of each CLO to exams questions on quizzes, midterm exams, final exams and Lab reports. The current study emphasizes that, both of the average and threshold approaches can examine the overall performance of the course, while the performance vector approach can display the distribution of students’ achievements of the course. Course Learning Outcomes, assessment, average, threshold, vector performance 565-569 Issue-2 Volume-5 Soheir E. Mohamed