<b>Environmental Impact Evaluation of Mining</b> It was taken into account before irrevocable development decisions are made. This paper attempts to review the developed framework for use into mining project proponents in the preparation of Environmental Impact Evaluation reports to meet the requirements of the Mines, Minerals Act and other statutory and legislative instruments dealing with the environment. It describe the significance of the environmental impact assessment EIA and its report or guidelines, as well as the procedures in stages on how project proponent interfaces with the federal ministry of environment and other entities in project management. It considers the environmental management plan EMP as compensatory measures for EIA and Mentioned also was the ability to identify key environmental impacts against project cycle for mining. The criteria and categories of mining projects according to environmental impact levels were discussed. Mining, Environment, Impact, Assessment, Evaluation, Project, Level, Public, Report, Proponent 535-541 Issue-2 Volume-5 Amosu Cyril Olumuyiwa