<b>Interdisciplinary Interaction Issues in Orthodontics</b> In modern conditions of dental practice, the interdisciplinary interaction issue is extremely urgent and acute. The high level of training and literacy of narrow specialists allows dentists to look broadly at the whole spectrum of dental problems. The global development of modern dentistry requires specialized specialists to join forces to achieve new high goals, change priorities and expand their views. And all our efforts pursue one goal to do the best that is in our power for the patient. The world famous luminaries of modern orthodontics, such as Prof. William R. Proffit, Prof. Vincent G. Kokich, Prof. Charles J. Burston and others recognize the importance and devote particular attention to this issue in their writings. In 21st century medicine, when an orthodontist offers the best treatment and the best care to his patient, the specialists involvement from related fields in the oral rehabilitation process is the best indicator of our patient care. Interdisciplinary interaction, missing teeth, congenital missing tooth, children, cooperationInterdisciplinary interaction, missing teeth, congenital missing tooth, children, cooperation 25-28 International Research Development and Scientific Excellence in Academic Life Special Issue Gafforov Sunnatullo Amrulloevich | Asal Anvarovna Berdieva | Sevara Sunnatulloeva Gafforova | Akbar Kurambaevich Kuryazov