<b>The Expander Gas and Ammonia Ratio Influence on the Calcium Cyanamide Yield</b> For the first time, thermodynamic calculations based on relatively new physicochemical constants clarified the onset temperature of thermal ammonia decomposition, as well as the side chemical reactions probability between ammonia and carbon dioxide. The influence of the main technological parameters on the calcium cyanamide synthesis is investigated. The exhaust gases composition from the reactor for the calcium cyanamide synthesis was studied depending on the temperature. Kinetic studies of the calcium cyanamide synthesis determined the chemical reaction orders with respect to ammonia and carbon dioxide, and it was proved that the limiting stage of calcium cyanamide synthesis is the initial gas components diffusion through the product layer. Carbon monoxide, ammonia, expander gas, calcium cyanamide, waste gases 22-24 International Research Development and Scientific Excellence in Academic Life Special Issue O. Kh. Panzhiev | A. Kh. Panzhiev | N. Umarov | O. Azimov