<b>Lymphocytopenia and COVID19 A Literature Review</b> The novel coronavirus SAR CoV 2 has resulted in huge wave of worldwide fear by its contagious nature, virulence and high mortality. Persistence condition of the disease with T cells and Natural killer cells exhaustion leads to Lymphopenia or Lymphocytopenia. Lymphocytopenia is a condition of low lymphocyte count in the blood. Lymphocytopenia is an important adverse effect of COVID 19 as well as negative prognostic marker in many malignancies. It leads to hyper activation of immune system that can cause immunosuppression and promote cytokine storm that eventually leads to multi organ failure and death. Restoration of lymphocytes and its function would be helpful to boost the immune response against COVID 19 disease. This review analyses the possible causes that may lead to the lymphocyte reduction in COVID 19 patients, and highlighting the possible therapeutic strategies that will help to control and prevent lymphocytopenia in COVID 19 patients. COVID 19, SAR CoV 2, T lymphocytes, NK cells, Lymphocytopenia, cytokine storm 213-217 Issue-2 Volume-5 Shatabdi Dey | P. K Sahoo